Thursday, December 13, 2018

Trying to get the cheapest tickets possible is something that a lot of people do. There are times that we cannot get what we want, other times when there is much luck. That’s why here we have brought you some tips to follow when trying to book a really cheap flight:

Search In The Incognito Window Tab

This is a great strategy. When you go to open Google or Safari to do the search of tickets, try to do it in the window of incognito since this way the tracking of the searched information isn’t recorded, and if more the person searches about something, higher the prices will go up.

Good Flight Search Engines

You must use sites with good search engines on flights. There are a variety of options such as Skyscanner,, CheapOair and many more. This type of pages also offer discounts with codes for interested people to use and thus have discounts on the payment of their tickets.

Promotion Days

You should constantly check the pages of the sale of flights since there are days that are cheaper to travel such as on Mondays or Tuesdays, or offer discounts. You can check all the sales pages during a whole month and thus familiarize yourself more.

Budget Airlines

These types of airlines exist and are cheaper than any other. There you can get very cheap tickets, but they will play the most uncomfortable seats and possibly some will not guarantee food and other things like that.

But it’s something that the airline clarifies before buying the ticket. Allegiant Air, Jetstar, Air Asia, Eurowings and many others are some of them.

Wrong Rates

Sometimes the airlines publish the rates of tickets wrongly, that’s to say with an amount that isn’t the correct one. And this you can use it for your benefit, there are even applications that are looking for airlines that make these types of errors.

Bulk Flights

Another option may be to buy round-trip tickets at once, on the same airline. It’s something that works with airlines of the same alliance, like those of Star Alliance. It would be cheaper than buying the one-way ticket first, and then the return ticket in some cases.

It’s also a good idea to buy those special tickets offered by the airlines of the same alliance with discounted fares.

Connecting Flights Are Cheaper

To go to some destinations, in particular, it’s cheaper to buy travel tickets with connections in some other city than a direct flight. Obviously, you will lose more time, it’s more uncomfortable and the wait is longer, but the use of scales can really be a good option to save when buying a ticket.

Plane tickets may not be the most economical in the world, as it all depends on the destination you go to. But it’s something that has a solution, applying any of these great help options to find much cheaper tickets than those that are sold regularly.

Different audits have been made and thrown the best airlines worldwide, and there are some that undoubtedly have highlighted more than others. In case you want to know what they’re, here we leave you some of the best airlines in 2018:

Singapore Airlines

This airline has been qualified with the 5 stars of Skytrax, one of the few privileged airlines. They have transported almost 20 million people in one year. Singapore Airlines counts with almost 30,000 employees, almost 90 different destinations worldwide and based at Changi International Airport.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the most used airline in Thailand. Their services cover more than 80 different destinations and more than 90 aircraft in use. It even offers special service for frequent travelers called “Royal Orchid”, to enjoy exclusive privileges.

Emirates Airways

Emirates Airways is one of the most recognized and used airlines not only in the Arab Emirates but also worldwide. The main airport is the Dubai International Airport. It contains almost 250 aircraft and covers almost 150 different destinations worldwide.

It’s one of the most famous and largest airlines also because it’s the sponsor of various football teams such as Paris Saint-German, AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Benfica, and the biggest team in the world, Real Madrid.

Hainan Airlines

It’s the biggest private airline in China, with more than 100 different destinations worldwide and more than 150 aircraft in use. The main airports are Haikou Meilan International Airport and Beijing International Airport. This airline has also received the 5-star certification by SKYTRAX.

Qatar Airways

This airline has also received the 5-star certification by Skytrax, and one of the biggest in the world despite having only 25 years on the market, having more than 150 aircraft, and with more than 150 different destinations worldwide.

They’re the sponsor of one of the best football teams in the world, Barcelona FC. It has a work team of more than 20,000 employees. It’s an airline that always tries to provide the best service and innovation to passengers.

ANA All Nippon Airways

This airline is the biggest one in Japan, based in Tokyo. It also has other subsidiaries such as ANA Wings, Air Japan, and Vanilla Air. It has more than 200 aircraft and covers almost 100 different destinations. It also has a service for frequent travelers called ANA Mileage Club, where almost 30 million people are affiliated.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Located in Hong Kong, this airline has more than 170 aircraft in use and with more than 200 different destinations worldwide. This airline has also received 5-star certification, and the Hong Kong International Airport is the main one.

Lufthansa AG

This airline is located in Cologne (Germany). It’s considered the biggest one in Europe. It has almost 300 aircraft in use and more than 220 different destinations worldwide. Their main airport is the Frankfurt International Airport and the Munich International Airport. It was one of the airlines that founded the Star Alliance.

These airlines are some of the biggest in the world, with a millionaire capital, sponsors of big teams and with billions of passengers worldwide. Another thing that makes the best of the market, is the excellent service and the great attention they offer.

Belair was a Swiss airline that was founded in 1925 and operated from Zurich airport. This airline was a subsidiary of the airline Air Berlin. They traveled to 38 different destinations where more than 150 passengers traveled on each flight.

But the airline stopped operating in October 2017 as Air Berlin declared bankruptcy due to the massive amount of economic losses due to the departure of other airlines from the company. So, here we bring you some important facts about Bel Air airlines you should know:


The airline was founded with the original name of Basler Aviation AG, by the businessman Balz Zimmermann during 1925, when it began to expand the flights to large numbers and different European destinations. And the Basel airport, where the airline was founded, became the biggest airport in Switzerland and one of the busiest in Europe.

The First Route

The first route that Bel Air inaugurated in 1925 was from Basel (Switzerland) to Freiburg (Germany). In only 5 years, Bel Air had already moved almost 20,000 people during different trips that left the national and international airports. Besides, it also carries different loads and mail goods.


The airline Bel Air merged with the Compagnie de Transport Aérien in Geneva for economic and political reasons. There were internal changes, and one of them was that the CTA went from the domicile in Geneva to settle in Zurich. And the airline name was changed to Balair-CTA.

Business with Swissair

Bel Air started doing business in the 70-80 eras with Swissair, but it was a total failure. At the end of the 90s, both companies resumed their business, especially charter, returning the airline to have its original name, Bel Air, and used the Boeing 767 and Boeing 300 aircraft.

First Commercial Flight

The first commercial flight of the airline Bel Air took place in November 2001, from the Zurich International Airport using a Boeing 757.

Design for Emergencies

The airline Bel Air redesigned a plane, specifically the Boeing 757 that was used for commercial flights, using them only for cases of rescue and repatriation emergencies.

Purchase of Air Berlin

The company that owns Air Berlin acquired almost 50% of the actions of Bel Air, becoming the partners with more actions of the airline. An investment that without a doubt was very profitable since the flights increased a lot, and Bel Air began to be administered from Berlin by the company of Air Berlin.


BelAir in October of 2017 closed all the routes, ceasing to function permanently. This was due to the fact that Air Berlin Company went bankrupt due to other negotiations outside the Swiss airline, but they didn’t have sufficient capital to continue operating.

It was problematic so serious that there were even many workers who weren’t paid their salary or other expenses that corresponded to them because the company had no funds.

Bel Air was one of the biggest airlines in Europe, coming to revolutionize the world of aviation for a long time, with great planes with specialized designs for travel and more, being one of the most used airlines in Europe, and the biggest one in Switzerland.

The world of aviation is very interesting, with many fans worldwide. In case you are one of them, here we bring something great for you, as these are some of the Aviation events you shouldn’t miss in 2018:

Airways Cruise

There is nothing cooler than going to an event where you will learn a lot about a topic that you like so much, and also, take advantage and take some days of a vacation full of relaxation. Airways Cruise is the perfect place.

It’s an event that lasts 8 days and takes you to travel different parts of the ocean, from Canada to Alaska, where you can also meet the most extraordinary professionals of the aviation, including pilots. But being a cruise ship where you can enjoy other services, it’s one of the most expensive.

Airways Spot & Greet

In this event, you can visit sites where emblematic cargoes, museums, dinners and also talks about everything related to aviation. This event has not been so long since it started, but it’s certainly worth it for the number of sites that you can know.

EAA Air Venture Oshkosh

This event is undoubtedly the most fun because you can learn more about aviation, theoretically and practically, but also you can also enjoy a bit with concerts, theaters and other shows that will be held at night during your stay in the event.

International Women in Aviation Conference

This event is one of the most brilliant and innovative, with the main objective that women of the field of aviation, both professionals and fanatics, may be inspired to hear different testimonies and information and also providing their participation in the conference.

There are many women in the world of aviation, much more than you think, so the event has thousands of participants annually. Even in this event, you can benefit from big grants to study aviation.

International Aviation Geek Fest

This event is one of the biggest ones that could be organized, even some people say it’s the most important about aviation. But this is due to the number of activities you can do and the different emblematic personalities of the world of aviation that will give you all the knowledge about the area.

Also, you can visit emblematic sites such as the Boeing 737 factory or the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and more. So, if you’re interested, you should hurry up and buy it early because this event is one of the fastest ones selling all the tickets.

AIAA Aviation Forum

This event is organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where the most detached personalities of the aeronaut world meet to report everything related to new innovations, outstanding cases or technological developments.

Every year, with the assistance of thousands of people, where different presentations are made to discuss the themes of the year, plus you can meet people who are passionate about aviation.

These events can be of great help to you if you want to learn more about this profession to be one of them, or simply to learn. These are the biggest aviation events, so it will be in the hands of the greatest people in the world of aviation.