The 7 Smallest Planes You’ll Be Able to Find

Just as we imagine that all airplanes are so big that can carry more than 200 passengers on each flight, which hold many tons. Well, they aren’t the only ones, there are also small planes of great utility and here we present some of them:

Colomban MC-15

This is another small plane that is also called “Cri-Cri”. It was created in 1973 and is still in operation, but only for civil use. It was created by Frenchman Michel Colomban, and even a professional pilot was the first person to fly the plane from a river a few years ago.

Cessna Mustang Appointment

It was an airplane created in 2005 manufactured by the company Cessna. This compared to all the rest of the list, has more space. Two persons can go forward and there are 4 more places in the back. It’s a most elegant jet. If you want it, you only need $ 2 million.


This is an aircraft that was designed by Jim Bede and was flown for the first time during the age of 70. It has the Guinness Record of the smallest jet plane. It has a value of almost $ 200 thousand, and can only enter a single person that is not so high.

Dassault Falcon 900XL

This plane is a little bigger than the others, with 15 thousand meters. Their design is very cool and innovative, with a tail and great wings that allow you to have a safer landing. But, it costs $40 million.

Stits SA-2A Sky Baby

It’s one of the smallest airplanes that exist created in 1952 by Ray Stits. Even this plane is included in the Guinness Record since it was considered during that time the “smallest plane” in the whole world. With a striking red color, and that really looks like a baby.


This is considered the smallest airplane currently, with a totally avant-garde and innovative design. With an injection engine, little vibration and a single cabin for a pilot that will possibly be very tight. It has a value of 50 thousand pounds in the UK.

Bumble Bee II

It’s a plane that was also considered during some time as the smallest plane in the world in the Guinness Record. It was manufactured by Robert H. Starr in Arizona during the 1980s. It’s smaller than Cri-Cri and only 5m long.

This small plane is made up of a 4-cylinder engine, it doesn’t have as much power but the speed handles 240Km/h, which is fine for such a small plane.

These planes are definitely too fancy, with a lot of style. But it’s something that obviously not everyone can handle. It’s a thousand times more accessible than any normal plane used by airlines but obviously doesn’t fulfill the same functions.

These aircraft have even served as a great help for certain special moments like wars. So, that’s why these planes have become so popular, and best of all, if you buy, you can store it in the garage of your home.