8 Important Facts about Belair Airlines You Should Know

Belair was a Swiss airline that was founded in 1925 and operated from Zurich airport. This airline was a subsidiary of the airline Air Berlin. They traveled to 38 different destinations where more than 150 passengers traveled on each flight.

But the airline stopped operating in October 2017 as Air Berlin declared bankruptcy due to the massive amount of economic losses due to the departure of other airlines from the company. So, here we bring you some important facts about Bel Air airlines you should know:


The airline was founded with the original name of Basler Aviation AG, by the businessman Balz Zimmermann during 1925, when it began to expand the flights to large numbers and different European destinations. And the Basel airport, where the airline was founded, became the biggest airport in Switzerland and one of the busiest in Europe.

The First Route

The first route that Bel Air inaugurated in 1925 was from Basel (Switzerland) to Freiburg (Germany). In only 5 years, Bel Air had already moved almost 20,000 people during different trips that left the national and international airports. Besides, it also carries different loads and mail goods.


The airline Bel Air merged with the Compagnie de Transport Aérien in Geneva for economic and political reasons. There were internal changes, and one of them was that the CTA went from the domicile in Geneva to settle in Zurich. And the airline name was changed to Balair-CTA.

Business with Swissair

Bel Air started doing business in the 70-80 eras with Swissair, but it was a total failure. At the end of the 90s, both companies resumed their business, especially charter, returning the airline to have its original name, Bel Air, and used the Boeing 767 and Boeing 300 aircraft.

First Commercial Flight

The first commercial flight of the airline Bel Air took place in November 2001, from the Zurich International Airport using a Boeing 757.

Design for Emergencies

The airline Bel Air redesigned a plane, specifically the Boeing 757 that was used for commercial flights, using them only for cases of rescue and repatriation emergencies.

Purchase of Air Berlin

The company that owns Air Berlin acquired almost 50% of the actions of Bel Air, becoming the partners with more actions of the airline. An investment that without a doubt was very profitable since the flights increased a lot, and Bel Air began to be administered from Berlin by the company of Air Berlin.


BelAir in October of 2017 closed all the routes, ceasing to function permanently. This was due to the fact that Air Berlin Company went bankrupt due to other negotiations outside the Swiss airline, but they didn’t have sufficient capital to continue operating.

It was problematic so serious that there were even many workers who weren’t paid their salary or other expenses that corresponded to them because the company had no funds.

Bel Air was one of the biggest airlines in Europe, coming to revolutionize the world of aviation for a long time, with great planes with specialized designs for travel and more, being one of the most used airlines in Europe, and the biggest one in Switzerland.