7 Tips to Follow When Trying to Book a Really Cheap Flight

Trying to get the cheapest tickets possible is something that a lot of people do. There are times that we cannot get what we want, other times when there is much luck. That’s why here we have brought you some tips to follow when trying to book a really cheap flight:

Search In The Incognito Window Tab

This is a great strategy. When you go to open Google or Safari to do the search of tickets, try to do it in the window of incognito since this way the tracking of the searched information isn’t recorded, and if more the person searches about something, higher the prices will go up.

Good Flight Search Engines

You must use sites with good search engines on flights. There are a variety of options such as Skyscanner, Kiwi.com, CheapOair and many more. This type of pages also offer discounts with codes for interested people to use and thus have discounts on the payment of their tickets.

Promotion Days

You should constantly check the pages of the sale of flights since there are days that are cheaper to travel such as on Mondays or Tuesdays, or offer discounts. You can check all the sales pages during a whole month and thus familiarize yourself more.

Budget Airlines

These types of airlines exist and are cheaper than any other. There you can get very cheap tickets, but they will play the most uncomfortable seats and possibly some will not guarantee food and other things like that.

But it’s something that the airline clarifies before buying the ticket. Allegiant Air, Jetstar, Air Asia, Eurowings and many others are some of them.

Wrong Rates

Sometimes the airlines publish the rates of tickets wrongly, that’s to say with an amount that isn’t the correct one. And this you can use it for your benefit, there are even applications that are looking for airlines that make these types of errors.

Bulk Flights

Another option may be to buy round-trip tickets at once, on the same airline. It’s something that works with airlines of the same alliance, like those of Star Alliance. It would be cheaper than buying the one-way ticket first, and then the return ticket in some cases.

It’s also a good idea to buy those special tickets offered by the airlines of the same alliance with discounted fares.

Connecting Flights Are Cheaper

To go to some destinations, in particular, it’s cheaper to buy travel tickets with connections in some other city than a direct flight. Obviously, you will lose more time, it’s more uncomfortable and the wait is longer, but the use of scales can really be a good option to save when buying a ticket.

Plane tickets may not be the most economical in the world, as it all depends on the destination you go to. But it’s something that has a solution, applying any of these great help options to find much cheaper tickets than those that are sold regularly.