The Traveler’s Guide – The 8 Best Airlines in 2018

Different audits have been made and thrown the best airlines worldwide, and there are some that undoubtedly have highlighted more than others. In case you want to know what they’re, here we leave you some of the best airlines in 2018:

Singapore Airlines

This airline has been qualified with the 5 stars of Skytrax, one of the few privileged airlines. They have transported almost 20 million people in one year. Singapore Airlines counts with almost 30,000 employees, almost 90 different destinations worldwide and based at Changi International Airport.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the most used airline in Thailand. Their services cover more than 80 different destinations and more than 90 aircraft in use. It even offers special service for frequent travelers called “Royal Orchid”, to enjoy exclusive privileges.

Emirates Airways

Emirates Airways is one of the most recognized and used airlines not only in the Arab Emirates but also worldwide. The main airport is the Dubai International Airport. It contains almost 250 aircraft and covers almost 150 different destinations worldwide.

It’s one of the most famous and largest airlines also because it’s the sponsor of various football teams such as Paris Saint-German, AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Benfica, and the biggest team in the world, Real Madrid.

Hainan Airlines

It’s the biggest private airline in China, with more than 100 different destinations worldwide and more than 150 aircraft in use. The main airports are Haikou Meilan International Airport and Beijing International Airport. This airline has also received the 5-star certification by SKYTRAX.

Qatar Airways

This airline has also received the 5-star certification by Skytrax, and one of the biggest in the world despite having only 25 years on the market, having more than 150 aircraft, and with more than 150 different destinations worldwide.

They’re the sponsor of one of the best football teams in the world, Barcelona FC. It has a work team of more than 20,000 employees. It’s an airline that always tries to provide the best service and innovation to passengers.

ANA All Nippon Airways

This airline is the biggest one in Japan, based in Tokyo. It also has other subsidiaries such as ANA Wings, Air Japan, and Vanilla Air. It has more than 200 aircraft and covers almost 100 different destinations. It also has a service for frequent travelers called ANA Mileage Club, where almost 30 million people are affiliated.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Located in Hong Kong, this airline has more than 170 aircraft in use and with more than 200 different destinations worldwide. This airline has also received 5-star certification, and the Hong Kong International Airport is the main one.

Lufthansa AG

This airline is located in Cologne (Germany). It’s considered the biggest one in Europe. It has almost 300 aircraft in use and more than 220 different destinations worldwide. Their main airport is the Frankfurt International Airport and the Munich International Airport. It was one of the airlines that founded the Star Alliance.

These airlines are some of the biggest in the world, with a millionaire capital, sponsors of big teams and with billions of passengers worldwide. Another thing that makes the best of the market, is the excellent service and the great attention they offer.