Friday, April 19, 2019

Just as we imagine that all airplanes are so big that can carry more than 200 passengers on each flight, which hold many tons. Well, they aren’t the only ones, there are also small planes of great utility and here we present some of them:

Colomban MC-15

This is another small plane that is also called “Cri-Cri”. It was created in 1973 and is still in operation, but only for civil use. It was created by Frenchman Michel Colomban, and even a professional pilot was the first person to fly the plane from a river a few years ago.

Cessna Mustang Appointment

It was an airplane created in 2005 manufactured by the company Cessna. This compared to all the rest of the list, has more space. Two persons can go forward and there are 4 more places in the back. It’s a most elegant jet. If you want it, you only need $ 2 million.


This is an aircraft that was designed by Jim Bede and was flown for the first time during the age of 70. It has the Guinness Record of the smallest jet plane. It has a value of almost $ 200 thousand, and can only enter a single person that is not so high.

Dassault Falcon 900XL

This plane is a little bigger than the others, with 15 thousand meters. Their design is very cool and innovative, with a tail and great wings that allow you to have a safer landing. But, it costs $40 million.

Stits SA-2A Sky Baby

It’s one of the smallest airplanes that exist created in 1952 by Ray Stits. Even this plane is included in the Guinness Record since it was considered during that time the “smallest plane” in the whole world. With a striking red color, and that really looks like a baby.


This is considered the smallest airplane currently, with a totally avant-garde and innovative design. With an injection engine, little vibration and a single cabin for a pilot that will possibly be very tight. It has a value of 50 thousand pounds in the UK.

Bumble Bee II

It’s a plane that was also considered during some time as the smallest plane in the world in the Guinness Record. It was manufactured by Robert H. Starr in Arizona during the 1980s. It’s smaller than Cri-Cri and only 5m long.

This small plane is made up of a 4-cylinder engine, it doesn’t have as much power but the speed handles 240Km/h, which is fine for such a small plane.

These planes are definitely too fancy, with a lot of style. But it’s something that obviously not everyone can handle. It’s a thousand times more accessible than any normal plane used by airlines but obviously doesn’t fulfill the same functions.

These aircraft have even served as a great help for certain special moments like wars. So, that’s why these planes have become so popular, and best of all, if you buy, you can store it in the garage of your home.

Eivissa, also known as Ibiza, is the capital of the island. Located to the south of the island, it is one of the most picturesque cities of the Mediterranean, its old town has been awarded as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

It is a fascinating city and has a special charm that attracts many visitors every year, trying to see a more cultural side of Ibiza.

San Antonio is the second largest city in Ibiza and is at the heart of the Ibicencan festival, what some call the “disco world capital”.

Santa Eulalia is the third largest tourist center on the Balearic island of Ibiza and is one of the most popular tourist centers for families who do not want to party or the hippie environment. It is a charming and peaceful village with a beautiful beach and an excellent selection of restaurants and accommodation, as well as luxury car rental in Ibiza.

Ibiza clubs are a huge source of business. Some of the clubs are among the biggest, extravagant and impressive in the world and every summer they attract celebrities to enjoy the best DJs on the planet.

Impressive clubs such as Cream and Pacha are the most prominent, but there are a lot of smaller places that play more experimental music to a varied and energetic audience.

After the party (and before), you need to know where to go and relax during the day, remember to bring your sunglasses for the sunset on the terraces of the clubs.

Ibiza has some really beautiful beaches that are also among the cleanest in the Mediterranean. The Balearics often obtain prestigious blue flags from the EU Commission for their Environment.

Although some of its beaches have been built high-rise hotels that have destroyed a bit the image of the natural environment of Ibiza, there are still some hidden gems, which are shared with only a few people, Especially if you go out of season to the north of the island.

We especially recommend Benirras, Agua Blanca and the beaches of Las Salinas, each with its own character and atmosphere. It is worth trying some of these beaches for a perfect golden tan.

Leisure and free time
If you are looking for a sporty and active holiday, Ibiza has a lot to offer. There are a lot of options, such as horseback riding or luxury car rental in Madrid. There are numerous stables where you can enjoy an equestrian experience, while exploring the island on horseback.

If golf is more your style, the 27-hole Golf Club Ibiza is located in Santa Eulalia.
There are numerous diving centers in San Antonio, Portinatx and Cala Vadella, which offer dives, both for experienced divers and for beginners.

For tennis and paddle lovers, there are some very chic sports clubs in Ibiza with impressive tennis and paddle courts, including the Ahmara Sport & Social Center, the Club de Campo & Club Can Jordi. These clubs also offer other facilities, such as badminton, squash, gyms and swimming pools.

There are so many types of airplanes, with particular characteristics and details that would be surprising to anyone who isn’t familiar with that, such as the cockpit. But if you are interested in knowing which are the biggest airplanes you could fly in here are some of them:

Airbus A330

It’s valued at almost $300 million, is a plane created by AirBus, where you can transport up 70 tons of weight. The first flight that was made with this plane was in 1992 and it’s working currently.

Boeing 777-200

This plane was manufactured in the United States where you can transport more than 450 passengers. It’s not designed for such long trips and began to work with the airline United Airlines in 1995 for domestic flights, but then if it started to travel internationally.

Airbus A340-500

This plane is one of the largest that exist, there you can transport more than 300 passengers, besides being designed and specialized to travel on very long routes. The first flight was in 2002 and started working for Emirates Airways.

Airbus A380-800

This plane was manufactured in France. One of the biggest one that exists since in individual class it can cover up to more than 850 passengers. It’s valued at more than $ 300 million, made some improvements to this model and then put it back into operation in 2013, increasing the number of tons.

Between the users that have used this model of AirBus is British Airways and Emirates Airlines and there were even other airlines that were very interested in fully acquiring the rights of the plane.

Boeing 747-400

This is a commercial plane that made the first flight in 1998. It’s still in service, working for British Airways, but it has also had other main users such as Atlas Air, China Airlines and Kalitta Air. It has a capacity of more than 600 passengers, of the largest that exist and the best-selling of the 747 models.

Airbus A350-900

This plane is designed for approximately 315 passengers. It has already entered into service with Qatar Airways and is one of the first high-end launched models of the A350.

Boeing 747-8

This is also a commercial plane that was manufactured in the United States by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It’s also one of the biggest that exists since it covers more than 700 passengers. The first flight was in 2010 and is still in service working at Lufthansa. But it has also had other users such as Cathay Pacific, Luxembourg Cargolux, and Atlas Air.

Airbus A340-300

This plane made its first flight in October 1997 was also manufactured by AirBus, starting to work with the airlines of France and Germany, Air France and Lufthansa. It has approximately 4 engines, and there you can transport approximately 300 people.

These airplanes have been incredible creations that even some have been created more than 20 years ago and are still in perfect working order. These airplanes, being of quality and large size, have passed through different airlines of the largest in the world.

Trying to get the cheapest tickets possible is something that a lot of people do. There are times that we cannot get what we want, other times when there is much luck. That’s why here we have brought you some tips to follow when trying to book a really cheap flight:

Search In The Incognito Window Tab

This is a great strategy. When you go to open Google or Safari to do the search of tickets, try to do it in the window of incognito since this way the tracking of the searched information isn’t recorded, and if more the person searches about something, higher the prices will go up.

Good Flight Search Engines

You must use sites with good search engines on flights. There are a variety of options such as Skyscanner,, CheapOair and many more. This type of pages also offer discounts with codes for interested people to use and thus have discounts on the payment of their tickets.

Promotion Days

You should constantly check the pages of the sale of flights since there are days that are cheaper to travel such as on Mondays or Tuesdays, or offer discounts. You can check all the sales pages during a whole month and thus familiarize yourself more.

Budget Airlines

These types of airlines exist and are cheaper than any other. There you can get very cheap tickets, but they will play the most uncomfortable seats and possibly some will not guarantee food and other things like that.

But it’s something that the airline clarifies before buying the ticket. Allegiant Air, Jetstar, Air Asia, Eurowings and many others are some of them.

Wrong Rates

Sometimes the airlines publish the rates of tickets wrongly, that’s to say with an amount that isn’t the correct one. And this you can use it for your benefit, there are even applications that are looking for airlines that make these types of errors.

Bulk Flights

Another option may be to buy round-trip tickets at once, on the same airline. It’s something that works with airlines of the same alliance, like those of Star Alliance. It would be cheaper than buying the one-way ticket first, and then the return ticket in some cases.

It’s also a good idea to buy those special tickets offered by the airlines of the same alliance with discounted fares.

Connecting Flights Are Cheaper

To go to some destinations, in particular, it’s cheaper to buy travel tickets with connections in some other city than a direct flight. Obviously, you will lose more time, it’s more uncomfortable and the wait is longer, but the use of scales can really be a good option to save when buying a ticket.

Plane tickets may not be the most economical in the world, as it all depends on the destination you go to. But it’s something that has a solution, applying any of these great help options to find much cheaper tickets than those that are sold regularly.

Different audits have been made and thrown the best airlines worldwide, and there are some that undoubtedly have highlighted more than others. In case you want to know what they’re, here we leave you some of the best airlines in 2018:

Singapore Airlines

This airline has been qualified with the 5 stars of Skytrax, one of the few privileged airlines. They have transported almost 20 million people in one year. Singapore Airlines counts with almost 30,000 employees, almost 90 different destinations worldwide and based at Changi International Airport.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the most used airline in Thailand. Their services cover more than 80 different destinations and more than 90 aircraft in use. It even offers special service for frequent travelers called “Royal Orchid”, to enjoy exclusive privileges.

Emirates Airways

Emirates Airways is one of the most recognized and used airlines not only in the Arab Emirates but also worldwide. The main airport is the Dubai International Airport. It contains almost 250 aircraft and covers almost 150 different destinations worldwide.

It’s one of the most famous and largest airlines also because it’s the sponsor of various football teams such as Paris Saint-German, AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Benfica, and the biggest team in the world, Real Madrid.

Hainan Airlines

It’s the biggest private airline in China, with more than 100 different destinations worldwide and more than 150 aircraft in use. The main airports are Haikou Meilan International Airport and Beijing International Airport. This airline has also received the 5-star certification by SKYTRAX.

Qatar Airways

This airline has also received the 5-star certification by Skytrax, and one of the biggest in the world despite having only 25 years on the market, having more than 150 aircraft, and with more than 150 different destinations worldwide.

They’re the sponsor of one of the best football teams in the world, Barcelona FC. It has a work team of more than 20,000 employees. It’s an airline that always tries to provide the best service and innovation to passengers.

ANA All Nippon Airways

This airline is the biggest one in Japan, based in Tokyo. It also has other subsidiaries such as ANA Wings, Air Japan, and Vanilla Air. It has more than 200 aircraft and covers almost 100 different destinations. It also has a service for frequent travelers called ANA Mileage Club, where almost 30 million people are affiliated.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Located in Hong Kong, this airline has more than 170 aircraft in use and with more than 200 different destinations worldwide. This airline has also received 5-star certification, and the Hong Kong International Airport is the main one.

Lufthansa AG

This airline is located in Cologne (Germany). It’s considered the biggest one in Europe. It has almost 300 aircraft in use and more than 220 different destinations worldwide. Their main airport is the Frankfurt International Airport and the Munich International Airport. It was one of the airlines that founded the Star Alliance.

These airlines are some of the biggest in the world, with a millionaire capital, sponsors of big teams and with billions of passengers worldwide. Another thing that makes the best of the market, is the excellent service and the great attention they offer.