Hello there! My name is Marina Burger. I’m 24 years old and I’m a big fan of aviation. It’s something that has become my passion since I was very young. I always used to ask my parents to buy me every airplane models that existed.

Since the very first day that I learned how to use the internet, I started to investigate online about everything related to aviation, airplanes, and airlines. That is an activity that has become frequent for me. Even more, when I realized that I began to learn much more information about it. I don’t regret to spend that much time on this.

Currently, I’m still researching and learning about aviation and everything related to it. People say that you never stop learning, so why should I stop being updated with all the info regarding one of my biggest passions?

I started with this personal blog as an online project where I can write about the topics that I am passionate for, such as aviation. So, if this is a topic that calls your attention, you have come to the right place.

If you want to know everything about aviation, for example how it works, which are the most famous airlines or even ask any questions about this subject, welcome to ILS Online. It’s a blog that started as a hobby, but it has become a passion. Now it’s almost a profession.