The 8 Biggest Airplanes You Could Fly On

There are so many types of airplanes, with particular characteristics and details that would be surprising to anyone who isn’t familiar with that, such as the cockpit. But if you are interested in knowing which are the biggest airplanes you could fly in here are some of them:

Airbus A330

It’s valued at almost $300 million, is a plane created by AirBus, where you can transport up 70 tons of weight. The first flight that was made with this plane was in 1992 and it’s working currently.

Boeing 777-200

This plane was manufactured in the United States where you can transport more than 450 passengers. It’s not designed for such long trips and began to work with the airline United Airlines in 1995 for domestic flights, but then if it started to travel internationally.

Airbus A340-500

This plane is one of the largest that exist, there you can transport more than 300 passengers, besides being designed and specialized to travel on very long routes. The first flight was in 2002 and started working for Emirates Airways.

Airbus A380-800

This plane was manufactured in France. One of the biggest one that exists since in individual class it can cover up to more than 850 passengers. It’s valued at more than $ 300 million, made some improvements to this model and then put it back into operation in 2013, increasing the number of tons.

Between the users that have used this model of AirBus is British Airways and Emirates Airlines and there were even other airlines that were very interested in fully acquiring the rights of the plane.

Boeing 747-400

This is a commercial plane that made the first flight in 1998. It’s still in service, working for British Airways, but it has also had other main users such as Atlas Air, China Airlines and Kalitta Air. It has a capacity of more than 600 passengers, of the largest that exist and the best-selling of the 747 models.

Airbus A350-900

This plane is designed for approximately 315 passengers. It has already entered into service with Qatar Airways and is one of the first high-end launched models of the A350.

Boeing 747-8

This is also a commercial plane that was manufactured in the United States by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It’s also one of the biggest that exists since it covers more than 700 passengers. The first flight was in 2010 and is still in service working at Lufthansa. But it has also had other users such as Cathay Pacific, Luxembourg Cargolux, and Atlas Air.

Airbus A340-300

This plane made its first flight in October 1997 was also manufactured by AirBus, starting to work with the airlines of France and Germany, Air France and Lufthansa. It has approximately 4 engines, and there you can transport approximately 300 people.

These airplanes have been incredible creations that even some have been created more than 20 years ago and are still in perfect working order. These airplanes, being of quality and large size, have passed through different airlines of the largest in the world.